I’m not one for keeping up with traditions.  I try, I really do.  I love traditions, especially family ones.  It just seems to me it was much easier to keep family traditions when it fell on the shoulders of my parents.  Our family has evolved over the years, as I am sure it is with most.  A few things have stuck…Christmas Eve Open House,  Mom’s Blueberry Cobbler, and Snow Day Donuts.

What?  You don’t know what Snow Day Donuts are?  Well, they are donuts made on snow days.  It is the oldest and probably dearest tradition (at least to my one daughter) that we have held on to.  Thirty-three years ago, my then 3-yr old daughter and I were snowed in for several days.  I, being very unprepared for such an event, had nothing in the house to make a proper meal.  On the other hand, I had plenty of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, etc.  Trying to figure out how to feed us for the duration, I came upon a simple recipe to make donuts.  Which is what I did – and we ate them for three days as if it were the most normal thing in the world to do! (There were a few perks to single-motherhood)

After that winter, my daughter expected donuts on snow days.  I never made them any other time, so it sort of fell into a tradition.  My girls are grown now, but I still make donuts on at least one snow day each winter.  A few years ago, I offered to extend the tradition to my next door neighbors, and well, a funny feuding banter now goes along with the annual tradition.  It seems as if my adult daughter (the original donut eater) didn’t like sharing her mother, or her donuts with the family next door!  With a little Facebook exposure, the faux feud is now public.

Tomorrow is going to be a snow day and I have already prepared the dough.  Taunts and threats have been made.  Now the race is on to see who gets to my door to pick up their donuts first.  I predict there will be enough for them, and a few of my new neighbors as well.

If you’d like the recipe, I found it online here.

I made the donuts today and I have a few observations…

  • the recipe is very easy, and very good
  • stick to the 8 hours or overnight…the donuts I made in the morning were much better than the ones I made later in the day
  • be sure to give the donuts a good rise time of at least an hour – do not put them in an overly warm area
  • the better you control the oil temperature, the better your donuts will turn out
  • the donuts are best eaten fresh

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